Overground endoscopy is dynamic endoscopy of upper airways i.e.: pharynx and larynx. This kind of examination is performed in horses to diagnose malfunction of pharynx and larynx during exercise, as many horses show sings (like stridor or fatigue) only during exercise.

This examination help to diagnose disease like dorsal displacement of soft pat (DDSP), laryngeal hemiplegia, collapse of the pharynx, retroversion of epiglottis, axial deviation of aryepiglottic folds, and many more. In many cases we can diagnose multiple lesions in pharynx and larynx, and it is very helpful with choosing correct treatment or surgical approach.

Overground endoscopy can be used to control surgery results.

To perform exercise endoscopy I use optomed system as there is only endoscope attached to the head of the horse and is crucial in racing young horses. Endoscope is passed trough nostril and nasal passages and placed in front of epiglottis. In this position endoscope does not interfere with airflow and horse can breathe normally. Horses can be unease for moment because itching sensation in their nose but then they will work normally.

That kind of procedure is recommended:

  • In poor performing horses
  • In horses with laud breathing (like stridor, gurgling or whistling noise)
  • In horses after upper airway surgery
  • In horses coughing during exercise